Gauge Swatches – Nuisance or Necessity?

Swatches: washed and pinned to block – is that really necessary?

Haven’t we all at some stage looked upon Gauge Swatches as something mystical which some more “precious” knitters like to shop talk about? Well, in all honesty, I have! I’m a total pragmatist and just like to get on with whatever it is. And look at me now! I’m talking about the importance of Gauge Swatches!!! How embarrassing I thought at first. So, why bother? Because I’ve learnt from bitter experience how important it is to make a one. I’ve had to unravel entire garments because the measurements didn’t work out or the first wash stretched the garment beyond recognition! Only last week a fellow knitter asked for assistance as she wanted to substitute a yarn in a knitting pattern and got “stuck” as her swatch was much larger than in the pattern – and that by using thinner yarn, too.

So, if you like to do a little bit of sensible investment before starting a large-ish project which would be too annoying to unravel because of wrong measurements, then have a read about Gauge Swatches! Happy Knitting!



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