It’s been a busy time and I really don’t know where this summer went. One blink and we’re now in autumn!

2017-08-23(4) Knitting (ed 2)At any rate, I am slowly getting back on track to publish new patterns and to update my website. Today’s step is to start linking my knitting patterns individually from this website to where you can get them. It’s worth having a look: whilst there are some to purchase, you will also find some nice free ones!

Today’s new site are my sock knitting patterns, because I have just published a pattern I am very pleased with: A Lighthouse Sock! And for this weekend until Sunday, 24th September 2017 23:59 (UK time) you can enjoy this pattern for 20% less! And should you have the misfortune and miss this promotion I have added a 10% discount during the coming week until the end of September.

Enjoy and Happy Knitting!