Piano Roll Scarf – Cembalo-Klavier-Schal

2016-02-22(1) Piano Roll Scarf (ed2)

A great accessory for any pianist or organist – and super-warm into the bargain if it is double-knitted.
… AND …
2016-02-22(2) Piano Roll Scarf (ed) 2I have included three instructions for a range of knitting experience and difficult level:

1. An easy version for those who are new to colour-work or who would like to give it a first try.

2. A slightly more complex variation of the first version using single-rib for thickness and to prevent any curling.

3. A double-knitting version for those who like an reverse image on the back – which also makes a keyboard, but like a Baroque harpsichord or organ.

2016-02-22(4) Piano Roll Scarf (ed2)Difficulty:

  • simple colour-work and single-rib: easy to intermediate
  • double-knitting: intermediate

Techniques Used:
Simple version, Single-rib version:
* knit & purl
Double knitting version:

  • Managing two yarns for double knitting
  • Reading charts

Simple Colour-Work:

  • 100g DK wool in white
  • 100g DK wool in black Single-Rib/ Double-Knitting:
  • 200g DK wool in white
  • 200g DK wool in black

Needles: 3.5mm (US 4)


  • Scissors
  • Bodkin

This pattern is available in English through Ravelry for £4.00

Die Strickanleitung auf Deutsch folgt bald.