Diagonals and Squares Jumper – Kreuz-und-Quer-Pullover


2016-02-14(4) Rich Colourwork Jumper 1 (ed)

I designed and made the Diagonals and Squares Sweater for my husband. It makes every cold winter day a lot more snuggly! The patterns were taken from Alice Starmore’s Charts for Colour Knitting. The base colour is a chocolate brown, the background gently varies its colours between a pale blue and pale brown. This garment is knitted seamlessly with circular needles bottom-up.

Difficulty: intermediate, reasonably experienced

2016-02-14(7) Rich Colourwork Jumper 1 (ed)Techniques Used:
• Circular, seamless knitting
• Knitting with two colours
• Reading charts
• Short rows

• 400g DK Dark Colour, e.g. chocolate brown
• 400g DK Contrast Colour, preferably light colours with variegation

Needles: 100cm 3.5mm circular needle 40cm 3.5mm circular needle

2016-02-14(6) Rich Colourwork Jumper 1 (ed)Accessories:
• Stitch markers (pieces of coloured wool will do)
• Row counter
• Scissors
• Bodkin

Body Measurements: Men’s Size Medium (Chest 100 – 110cm)

This pattern is available in English and Danish and it’s free.

Die Strickanleitung auf Deutsch folgt bald.


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