Lady’s Fair Isle Vest – Fair-Isle-Weste


2016-02-12(1) Fair Isle Vest (ed)

The Lady’s Fair-Isle Vest is one of my first published patterns. This fair-isle vest is made with locally produced undied yarn – all colours are the natural sheep colours which I find particularly enchanting. The fair-isle patterns are traditional and the garment is knitted seamlessly with circular needles.

2016-02-12(2) Fair Isle Vest (ed)This is a very rewarding, timeless knit, best done in natural 100% wool. A comfortable fitted garment to last a lifetime.

Knitted in the round for maximum convenience and minimum finishing.

This is a timeless design for a comfortable vest or body warmer. Knitted in the round, there is no need for steeking or knitting a fair isle pattern on purl rows.

2016-02-12(4) Fair Isle Vest (ed)Difficulty: medium

Techniques Used:
• Yarn over for picot edge
• Circular knitting
• Fair isle techniques & reading charts •

For this garment I used pure wool from Highfield Textiles called: Shetland DK. The colour of this wool is natural ‘sheep’ colour and will never fade. The wool is lovely to work with and this garment will probably last a lifetime.

2016-02-12(3) Fair Isle Vest (ed)The colours are

  • White 200g
  • Fawn 200g
  • Moorit 100g
  • Grey 100g
  • Black 100g

• 100cm 3.5mm circular needle
• 40cm 3.5mm circular needle

• Stitch marker (a length of colourful yarn will do)
• Scissors
• Bodkin

Body Measurements: Women British size 14
Chest 100cm – 105cm

This pattern is available in English through Ravelry for £4.00.

Die deutsche Strickanleitung folgt  bald.


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