Striped Camisole – Gestreiftes Leibchen


2016-02-14(1) Camisole (ed)

The inspiration for the Striped Camisole came when I found these lovely summer cottons in a yarn sale – but not enough of each colour to make a garment in any one colour. Solution: use the different colours to highlight different lace patterns.

This is a light, sleeveless camisole top for hot summer days or nightwear. Pretty, feminine and straight-forward to knit.

Due to the colour changes, this garment has to be knitted in the flat.

The bottom border can be attached to the garment whilst knitting or knitted separately and sewn on later.

Difficulty: intermediate

2016-02-14(2) Camisole (ed)Techniques Used:

  • Lace knitting
  • Reading Charts
  • Vertical stripes/ colour changes
  • Picking up stitches from a knitted edge while knitting in pattern (Grafting with Kitchener Stitch, but can also be sewn together) Blocking

Three colours of 4-ply mercerised cotton, 100g each, for example

  • 100g Fuchsia (for centre panel)
  • 100g Purple (for side panels)
  • 100g Lilac (for strap panels)

2016-02-14(3) Camisole (ed)Needles: 3mm needles

* Stitch markers Row counter Scissors Bodkin

Body Measurements: Lady’s British Size 14 (Chest 100 – 105cm)

This pattern is available in English and it’s free!

Die Strickanleitung auf Deutsch folgt bald.


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