Find Mrs Buttons on Instagram!

Greetings! Grüßt Euch! I can't believe it - I'm going even more digital than before. Don't forgot that to some extent I'm a tech dinosaur because I never had the need to be on social media or to use the computer, apart from work, for more than booking holidays online and keeping in touch with friends… Continue reading Find Mrs Buttons on Instagram!


Intertwined – Verstrickt noch mal!

The summer is in full swing - at least here in the Northern hemisphere and especially in the North of England where we haven't had a drop of rain for several months now! I cannot remember when we have had a better summer. And that's the explanation of my knitting break: weather too good to… Continue reading Intertwined – Verstrickt noch mal!


Yarn Shop Day and Ladybird Purse

Hello Everyone! Hallo, Ihr Lieben! Spring is here and we have had some glorious weather - smiles guaranteed! Today's new pattern is this adorable "Travelry" Ladybird Purse. Great to use up short lengths of chunky yarn and which little (or big) girl wouldn't want one? Der Frühling ist da und jetzt schon gab es richtig schönes… Continue reading Yarn Shop Day and Ladybird Purse